How do I purchase my route guide?

Very simple, use the Android and App Store link on the bottom of the home page.

What device(s) can be used to download the route guide?

Android phones and Apple products at this time only.

How do I listen to the audio guide

For walking tours and cars etc, use your headphones. If driving the car, for better audio and safety plug into your radio (if compatible)

Can I link it to a GPS (Global Positioning Service)

Who needs a sat-nav system when you have a map, there’s a map included in the app, you can also print this off before you travel.

What if I want to take a break in the tour?

You can press pause at any stage of your journey. When you’re ready to go again, just press play.

When is the best time to travel to Ireland?

Ireland is beautiful at any time of the year and there is always something fun and festive to do, so don’t let our inclement weather put you off.

What to pack in a suitcase?

Anything you like but whether you are walking or driving ensure you have rainwear, good walking shoes, umbrella and maybe a few irish artists in your playlist to keep you company.

Can I avail of a private tour of the routes?

Private and group tours are available by request. Use the contact page for more information.

What are golden rules for travelling in a rental car?

Apart from the usual policy information you receive before you drive away, remember we drive on the left hand side of the road! Look right when approaching a roundabout and leave your wing mirrors at the car rental shop (just kidding)