About Ireland

Top Boys Names 2012

John, James, Sean, Jack and Ryan

Top Girls Names 2012

Lily, Sophie, Grace, Emily and Chloe

Top 5 Drinks

Jameson,Guinness, Baileys, Smithwicks, Bushmills

Top 5 Movies

The Commitments, The Quiet Man, My Left Foot, The Field, In the Name of the Father

Famous Actors

Liam Neeson, Peirce Brosnan, Maureen O’Hara, Peter O’Toole, Gabriel Byrne

Top 5 Places to Visit

Dingle Peninsula, Killarney National Park, Cliffs Of Moher, Aran Islands, Glendalough

Famous Playwrights

Samuel Beckett, Brendan Behan, George Bernard Shaw, John.B Keane, Oscar wilde

Best Selling Cars 2012

Toyota Avensis, Volkswagon Golf and Passat, Ford focus, Renault Fluence

5 ways to eat a potato: Mash, Roast, Shepherds Pie, Coddle, Stew

Famous Saints

- St. Patrick, St. Bridget, St Kevin, St Columba, St Ciaran

- Although there are only 5% Irish Speakers, according to our constitution, it is our official language. 

- Ireland’s currency is the Euro. Its former currency was the Punt ( Irish Pound )

- Divorce became legal in 1997

- Contraception was introduced in 1985 officially

- Ireland is 482 kilometres ( 300 miles ) long x  305 kilometres (190 miles ) wide

- Ireland’s latitude is 53 degrees north and longitude is 8 degrees west

- Population 4.5 million in the Republic

- Dublin has 1.5 million inhabitants

- 1.8 million in Northern Ireland

- Legal age to drink: 18

- Legal age to drive a car: 17

- Legal age to drive a motorbike: 16

- Emergency Numbers are 112 or 999

- International calling code for Ireland is 00 353

- Ireland has 32 counties that are divided into 4 Provinces. Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught

- Anyone over the age of 60 is considered a Senior citizen

- The average temperature in summer is 17 degrees celsius ( 63 fahrenheit )

- The average temperature in winter is 5 degrees celsius ( 41 fahrenheit )

- There is a No-Smoking ban in pubs, hotels, restaurants etc.

Top 10 Surnames

Murphy, O’Brien, Kelly, O’Connor, Ryan, Walsh, Byrne, O’Sullivan, McCarthy, O’Neill

Animal Statistics

13 million Chickens, 6.7 million Cattle, 5.5 million sheep,1.5 million Sheep,  90,000 Horses

Biggest Industries

Tourism, IT, Agriculture, Research and Development